Pristine Natural Health Center



As the name suggests we believe in natural health ad wellness, thus we offer complementary medicines in form of Bio-oxidation, Ozone therapy, Spine decompression, Colon Hydrotherapy, Hormone Therapies, we integrate natural therapies proven over ages with latest proven therapies for the holistic wellness of the people. At the center we also aim to support people to develop positive mental health by helping people feel god about self by means of counseling; center also offers therapies in weight management, special skin care therapies for boosting confidence and feeling good about self!

Pristine Natural Health Center is situated in the heart of Bangalore, India.The health center is spacious 3 floor building with rooms dedicated for different therapies, doctors’ consultation rooms, laboratory for medical tests and check ups. The health center offers health services for all ailments and holistic wellness, for that doctors from all disciplines are available on call and highly trained nurses are ready for service all the time.