Human Rights Run December 2012

The Baha’is of Bangalore – especially the youth – went all out to assist in the preparations for the run – from poster making ,invitation campaigns,logistics to volunteering on the day .The spirit was so contagious that many Bahai’s and friends of Baha’is pitched in making this an interesting community activity.

The day of the run saw over 500 participants of all age groups – from primary school children to veterans over 60 yrs old- out at the lake at 6 am – despite the cold and mist. Those who did not run could be seen holding the banners that called for release of the prisoners of conscience in Iran as well as few other general banners.

During the prize distribution at the end ,Mrs.Mala spoke about the Baha’is in Iran to a highly attentive audience of athletes,parents,children,young ,old – all standing in solidarity against the crimes being committed in the name of religion to our brethren there.


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