About us


Pristine Natural Health is an establishment which offers holistic solutions for health and well-being. Its motto – “health inside out” is clearly apparent in all the treatments and therapies it offers using a multidisciplinary approach specially designed to suit each patient’s specific needs.

Pristine works with a mission to help people gain back their health, improve their cosmetic and aesthetic appearance and regain their confidence.

To support its therapies it has the latest scientific equipment to tackle various systemic, local external and internal problems, qualified doctors from every specialty and dedicated well trained nurses.

Pristine plans to extend its services to the Middle East and other parts of the world through a network of health centres. It also plans to have a special provision for funds allocated to research and development in the new and path breaking therapies available at the centre, that compliments the existing medical treatments.

Pristine also focuses on the health of the community through its social agency “ Community Health and Development”, CHAD, an NGO started by Dr. A J Ansari as his commitment to society. CHAD supports the development of the community through improved health. CHAD organizes health camps in various parts of rural Karnataka for people who are unable to access health services because of lack of funds or lack of knowledge. CHAD also organizes health check-up camps at schools for economically backward students in Bangalore.


Dr.A. J. Ansari

Dr.Ahmed Jaber Ansari: MBBS, DVD, MD (Dermatology)
  • Specialist in innovative methods and procedures in the field of dermatology & cosmetology.
  • One of the early pioneers in the field of Chelation and Ozone therapy.
  • Founding director of Pristine Natural Health, a wellness and health center.