Spinal Cord Decompression

Treatment for Spinal problems : Neck and lower back . It is a medical procedure to correct slip disc ( spondylosis) of the neck and the lower back. DRX 9000, imported from the USA, is specialized equipment used in this procedure .The features of this therapy are that it is painless, bloodless, non-invasive and economical.It is also approved by the FDA and has noteworthy success rate with very low incidence of recurrence.Who does this therapy benefit? Any adult with Lumbar or cervical disc problems will get tremendous relief with this therapy.Those who are obese with secondary complications such as high blood sugar,diabetes, old age, and those who refuse or prefer not to have surgical intervention can try this out.The treatment takes 20-30 days – one session per day. Each session is for 30 to 45 mins.



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